Computer Science

1. Computer science is part of an applied mathematics. Specialists in computer science say that this field of knowledge is very interesting because it deals with computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM).

2. Computers are intended to improve the productivity of labour of scientists, designers, engineers, managers, and other specialists, because computers offer quick and optimal solutions. One of the main goals of using CAD/CAM is to shorten the time between designing and manufacturing.

3. Moreover, computers came in our life and to our houses and now we can solve our everyday problems with their help.

4. Computers can be divided into simple and complex devices. Simple computers such as calculators can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. As far complex computers are concerned they can do different logical operations and some of them even have artificial intelligence.

5. Thus in order to elaborate up-to-date and inexpensive programs as well as to defend them from viruses, it is important to know some programming languages.

6. There are low-level programming languages such as machine language and an assembly language and high-level programming languages, for instance, FORTRAN, PASCAL, ADA,C, BASIC, etc.

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